“The old ways meet the new ways,
one generation to another. “

c69e8bf6-32c7-4f36-b8b4-9079257c3740The Hungarian Butcher uses pasture-raised, heritage breed hogs from local farms to create charcuterie, smoked and cured meats, and specialties that wake up your tastebuds from the first bite. His charcuterie provides a modern twist on recipes taught to him by his grandmother, a first-generation Hungarian immigrant.

Chef Dan is currently available for consulting services.  Contact via phone at (614) 805-0760 or via e-mail (Contact Us),



This is who we are and  this is what we do best. We make kolbaz (sausages of all types), szalonna (bacon), sonka (ham), lonza and specialties like head cheese and liverwurst pate.